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AMMO of Mig Jimenez



The company AMMO of Mig Jimenez was founded by Mig Jimenez in 2013 and thanks to the high quality of products and constant contact with the modelers has gained confidence and popularity around the world. AMMO of Mig is the leader among manufacturers of goods for modelers. This year AMMO is the sponsor of the exhibition in Stupino.

Registration of participants is open!

Dear participants!
Registration for the XI exhibition-contest is open!

Please, before completing the questionnaire, carefully study the statue of the exhibition and determine the classes of the contest in which you plan to participate.

Electronic registration will be completed on August 1, 2017.

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CARDKIT - sponsor of "paper" modelers

CARDKIT company which develops, manufactures and sells sets for assembling models-copies of technic and architecture. Our sets include everything you need to build a model, so you do not loose time and money searching for materials, adhesives, etc., All components of the kit, except glue, are manufactured in Russia.

CARDKIT produces kits for assembling models from various materials and their combinations. These are sets for assembling models from paper with details from resin, wood, metal, plastic, etc., they are sets of wood, metal, again, using all sorts of materials.

"Unitoys" company - sponsor of Stupino conest

Revell is a brand with more than half a century of history. Modelers appreciate in Revell high detail models, a wide range of technic of the past and modern. Revell is a consistently high quality of all accessories: paints, brushes, tool sets and so on. The Revell range is presented for both professional modelers and beginners: adults and children.

The official representative of Revell in Russia, the company "Unitoys MSK" - one of the largest importers and distributors of children's toys in Russia. The company was founded in 1996 and has proven itself at the highest level since its inception.


Microdesign photo-etched parts - sponsor of Stupino contest!

ТПО "Микродизайн"

Photo etching is a wonderful way to create a high-precision model in a short time, but the main problem for modelers facing the problem of buying or not buying treasured shiny plates was always the price. Since the production of the bulk of the sets occurred mainly outside of Russia, accordingly, the availability of photo etching was in question.

In 2015, the situation changed radically. The collective of the creative industrial association "Microdesign" decided to give Russian modelers a much-wanted herb at an affordable price!

The company became the first Russian company to establish the production of photo etching for modeling on an industrial scale. At the same time, we have not abandoned individual orders and are ready to work with everyone who wants to receive a set of photo etching according to their own drawings, in the shortest time and at the lowest price.


Не Игрушки. Теперь и в Ступино!

По сложившейся традиции мы начинаем представление партнеров и спонсоров ежегодной выставки в Ступино.

Итак, самым первым в этом году стал чудесный хобби-магазин "Не игрушки", который находится всего в двух шагах от Ступино. В славном городе Владивостоке!

В эпоху интернета, мобильной связи и постоянной работы, моделизм может стать вашим необитаемым островом отдыха или наоборот поможет найти новых друзей.
Масштабные модели могут стать отличным и оригинальным подарком не только для взрослых. Но и для детей, ведь они способствуют развитию внимания, творческого мышления, аккуратности, терпения и интереса к истории.

В нашем магазине очень большой ассортимент моделей популярных брендов, представлены, как военная техника, так и гражданская, авиация, бронетехника, флот и многое другое. Вы сможете подобрать удобный масштаб модели и разукрасить на свой вкус.

Мы работаем непосредственно со многими производителями и поэтому цены вам обязательно понравятся и все новинки, вы сразу же можете найти у нас.

Магазин находится по адресу: Владивосток, Морской вокзал 1 зт. пав 135.
Время работы: 11:00 - 19:00.

Exhibition-contest 2017



Dear friends!

All information about annual scale-models exhibition-contes availible on the our website. 

Registration of participants will open soon.

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