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Club of history scale modeling Patriot, town of Stupino

The beginning

In 2006 two men with passion for scale modeling, Alexander Lazutin and Alexey Nikiforov, decided to bring together people with the same interest, and they put an ad in the books shop, where they invited all modeling enthusiasts for mutual communication. Rather quickly such enthusiasts appeared: Yuri Sedov, Sergey Vanin, Yuri Korol’ko. Later Dmitry Maksimov and Viktor Krasnorudsky also joined.

Meetings were mostly at flats of members of the group, at parks of town of Stupino and other suitable places. At such meetings members shared their experiences in assembling models, discussed news of the modeling and new kits.

It was Yuri Sedov’s idea to take part in scale modeling exhibitions that were held at Moscow. Success was quick. Scale models, assembled by the members of the group, many times were praised at the Club of technical models of Moscow.

First exhibition at Stupino

Having gained experience in Moscow exhibitions, we wished to hold a similar exhibition in our town. It turned out to be not a simple task. At first we received considerable support from the Culture committee of the Stupino municipal administration, which allocated 5.000 roubles as the prize money. In the first exhibition took part just 12 residents of Stupino.

Official opening of the History scale modeling club Patriot

After our initial experience we started to grow and develop. At that time we decided to establish a club as a legal entity. When all necessary paperwork was done, on March 30, 2008 Moscow region public organization under name “History scale modeling club “Patriot”” was established.

Our club is open to anyone interested in modeling. Welcome to our club!


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