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Friends of our club

Municipal administration Stupino district, Moscow region (Russian)
Youth Department of the Committee for Physical Culture, Sports and Youth (Russian)

Department of Sports Stupino municipal district (Russian)

Zvezda - Russia's largest manufacturer of model kits and board games

LLC System solutions (Russian) - Advertising and production company.

Shop "Model" (Russian) - Offline scale-models, tools and accessories shop in Tula.

Scale-models shop "Leyb-company" - oldiest shop for scale-modellers in Moscow (Russian) – Information and news portal in Stupino
ICM - ICM Holding is a Ukrainian manufacturer, working both for the national market and exporting to many countries in Europe, North America, Australia and Asia.
Express-pack (Russian) – Information portal about Russian Air Force. (Russian) - This project was created to bring together all the enthusiastic Spotting in organized community, which will allow all of us to grow and develop together. We will be very glad if the project had your hobby into a professional passion. Together we can achieve that is not available to small groups or single. The plans include organizing community spotting and events together with airports and airlines in Russia.
Українська модельна хата (Ukranian/Russian) - Ukranian portal for scale-modellers - Internet-project "" is for people with a hobby - scale models, for those who are interested in this topic. This is the place where you can show your model, discuss the specifics of their construction, get competent advice, find something you need for yourself and just chat with other visitors on abstract themes.
Уголок неба (Russian) – Big aircraft encyclopedia.
WINGS PALETTE - The purpose of the project WING's PALETTE is searching and accumulation data about military and civil aircraft. Project is free accessed and public. It's interest for modelers and aviation fans. (Russian) – Portal for fans of helicopter scale-models. - We aim to create a model is a news site with daily updates, the next foreign counterparts - ARC, Modelingmadness, Hyperscale.
Shop-club «Ulysses» (Russian) - Offline scale-models, tools and accessories shop in Ryazan.
«Stupino chemical plant» (Russian)
Sberbank of Russia Russian portal for scale-modellers.
ru.modelism (Russian) - The oldest home site for modellers, the depths of which were born and grew up almost all the other Russian-language sites on the subject. There are gallery, forum, shop. No non-core advertising. (Ukranian/Russian) - Ukranian portal for scale-modellers


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