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AMMO of Mig Jimenez



The company AMMO of Mig Jimenez was founded by Mig Jimenez in 2013 and thanks to the high quality of products and constant contact with the modelers has gained confidence and popularity around the world. AMMO of Mig is the leader among manufacturers of goods for modelers. This year AMMO is the sponsor of the exhibition in Stupino.

Registration of contestants

Dear colleagues and friends!

We are forced to postpone the beginning of registration of the participants of annual Stupino Scale Models Contest, because our club needs to move to another building, and we need to solve some problems and prepare a lot of documents.

Registration of participants will be open in the nearest future.

Do not worry, everything will be fine (we learned)!

Begemot decals - sponsor of Stupino contest!

Begemot company has started with decal printing not suddenly, on occasion. Our specialization originates from our common hobby, scale modeling, and many of us worked as far back as in early 1990s in Politekhnika company that was one of pioneers in development and production of its own models, later – in Travers, acknowledged nationwide leader in decal printing industry. Begemot has been marketing the decals under its own tradename for the last years.


Accion Press S.A. - partner of Stupino contest!

Accion Press S.A. is a publishing company with more than thirty years of experience in the sector. Nowadays it has a number of books focused on modeling and two periodic publications, one of them with more than two hundred issues and twenty years on the market. The company is specialized in military modeling, miniatures and military history, which allows us to publish a varied production of books and magazines with a special care in the graphical design, the photography and the contents.

Our publications are dedicated to a specific topic incide the modeling, where you can find step by step processes of techniques and the works of the best internacional modellers. Books thought as for the beginner as for the most expert modeler, illustrate with great quantity of pictures of the processes and techniques used for make modelers.

MODELIMEX - partner of Stupino Contest!





One of the best in Europe online-shop MODELIMEX supporting our team!

Airfix Model World - partner of Stupino contest!


The third year the exhibition in Stupino is supported by the magazine Airfix Model World.

As before, according to the results of the contest, three lucky people will receive an annual subscription to this wonderful magazine!

Published monthly, Airfix Model World magazine is your complete guide to the world of scale modelling, making it essential reading for modellers with all levels of experience.

Focusing on model aircraft, Airfix Model World also features cars, ships, sci-fi and space, armour and figures. With latest news, reviews, handy step-by-step tips. Plus the chance to ‘Ask the Experts’ to improve your modelling skills.

MASTER - partner of Stupino contest!

Dear friends,
We are already starting to form the prize fund of the contest and the first gifts were received from the Polish company MASTER!

"The company MASTER is created by passion for modeling. We are for you - modelers! We know how important are details for you. We would like to give you possibility to making perfect models, which are the reflection of real originals. The most important for us is your satisfaction, so we do our work as best as we can. By the highest products quality, good company workings, but above all – customers contentment, take care our team leader - Piotr Czerkasow."

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