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About scale modeling

It is very important to know the history of your country, because if you don’t know the past it difficult to understand the present and to build the future. And the scale modeling is an integral part of interest in history.

Scale modeling traces its beginning to Ancient Egypt. The oldest findings that can be described as models are dated X century BC, they were copies of ships of that time, made from clay and wood and then painted. Much later in Europe collecting of lead soldiers was a “kings’ hobby” for many years, and in XIX century, when printing technologies became highly developed, paper models also became very popular.

Many people were fascinated by scale models. Models can be precise, down to very small details, copies of a tank or an aircraft, or they can be just scale models, i.e. represent tanks, aircraft or ships in smaller size. In scale modeling are very popular dioramas – full compositions that include not only machinery, but also people around it, and appropriate landscape. Such dioramas are mostly military-themed. For example, it can be a tank with its crew in certain situation.

Materials used in scale modeling are very different. It can be plastic, metal, wood, rubber, gypsum etc. Scale kits are particularly fascinating for those who interested in engineering and machinery, because models represent original hardware sometimes very precisely.

Scale modeling is very useful not just for adults, who consider it a pastime, a hobby. It is very good for kids, because it develops their mental abilities and motor functions. And such hobby gets kids more interested in technology and history.

And scale modeling is very rewarding for adults, because every good model is unique and valuable. Everybody has his own style and type, and makers now offer a wide variety of scales, materials and precision of details, as well as accessories and paints. A lot of scale models can be done very realistically-looking and beautiful. And it is very enthralling to make collections of models and to participate in exhibitions and modelers’ contests.

Models can be assemble-type or radio-guided, that even more interesting. There are a lot of additional kits and gadgets for such models. It can be rightly said that once you begin to assemble scale models, once you finish one, scale modeling would be a part of your life.

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